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You have questions, we have answers! The Myopia Podcast is all about promoting collaboration and sharing knowledge about the wonderful, ever-changing world of myopia. If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, we would love to hear from you.

How does the podcast
format work?

The Myopia Podcast operates on a biweekly release schedule, with new episodes launched approximately every 2 weeks. Our episodes are intentionally designed to be concise, typically ranging between 20–30 minutes. We believe in delivering content in easily digestible, bite-sized doses.

Unlike broad discussions around myopia, our unique approach is to focus on specific aspects of myopia management. We feature a diverse array of guests, including researchers, clinicians, and industry experts, who bring their insights and expertise to the table. Our goal is to answer questions and address the topics that intrigue us all in the realm of myopia management.

A key aspect of our format is inclusivity. By featuring a variety of voices and perspectives, we aim to encourage more individuals to engage in myopia management. Our podcast is not only an informational resource but also a tool to break down barriers for those looking to start their journey in myopia management.

What was the inspiration behind launching the podcast and the motivation to focus on myopia-related topics?

As a myopia management provider, my passion lies in staying at the forefront of advancements in the field. I love engaging with researchers to uncover the latest findings and discovering how these insights can enhance the quality of care in my practice. In conversations with fellow doctors, I often delve into their treatment approaches and implementation strategies, aiming to “hack” into the core of their success.

Beyond clinical discussions, I find immense value in exploring the industry and understanding the products and services shaping our field. This insight allows me to tailor my treatments more effectively for my patients. Given the wealth of insightful conversations I was already having, it dawned on me that recording and sharing these discussions through a podcast could offer a valuable resource for others. 

The Myopia Podcast was born out of a desire to make these enriching conversations accessible, enabling fellow practitioners to leverage the collective wisdom of our dynamic field.

How often do new episodes
get released?

Podcast episodes are typically released on a biweekly schedule, with new content available every other week.

What can listeners expect from each episode?

Listeners can anticipate engaging conversations in each episode that offer valuable takeaways for understanding myopia management. Each discussion aims to provide 1–2 pearls of wisdom, whether it’s gaining insights into the intricacies of myopia management, learning practical implementation strategies, or discovering ways to enhance patient care.

We delve into the depth of topics, exploring products and services within the myopia management landscape. The podcast is a platform where we collectively strive for improvement. Expect to hear direct and insightful questions as we get to the core of each topic in conversations with our guests. It’s an opportunity for listeners to gain practical knowledge and actionable insights to enhance their approach to myopia management.

Is The Myopia Podcast suitable for professionals in the field as well as the general audience?

While some episodes of The Myopia Podcast are crafted for the broader public, the primary audience is a global community of myopia management enthusiasts deeply involved in research, patient care, or the industry. 

Our episodes are tailored to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in these specific fields. We delve into nuanced discussions, share valuable insights, and explore advancements that resonate with those actively contributing to the world of myopia management. Whether you’re a researcher seeking the latest findings, a practitioner looking for clinical insights, or an industry professional keen on staying at the forefront, The Myopia Podcast aims to deliver content that speaks to your interests and expertise.

Can listeners engage with the podcast & suggest topics or guests for future episodes? 

Absolutely! Engaging with The Myopia Podcast is encouraged, and there are multiple ways to get involved. Listeners can actively participate in social media conversations related to each episode. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or insights using relevant hashtags on platforms like X, Facebook, or Instagram.

Additionally, you can connect directly with the podcast host by utilizing the “Contact Us” feature on the website. This offers a more personalized avenue for sharing your suggestions, whether they are related to potential topics for future episodes or recommendations for guests you’d like to see featured. Your input is valued, and your active engagement helps shape the content of The Myopia Podcast to better cater to the interests and curiosity of the listener community.

Does the podcast have

Yes, The Myopia Podcast is fortunate to have garnered support from sponsors along its journey. While it initially began as a self-funded passion project, companies that align with the podcast’s message and mission have graciously offered financial support. This support plays a crucial role in sustaining the podcast, covering expenses related to scheduling, recording, editing, and posting episodes.

The backing from these sponsors allows the podcast to continue providing valuable content to its audience. It also enables me to compensate the team working behind the scenes. I am super grateful. 

Is there a video version of the podcast?

Yes, you can find it on YouTube.

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