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#31 The Myopia Podcast: Dr. Andrew Neukirch: Rapid Growth of Myopia Practice

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Today's episode, we have Dr. Andrew Neukirch and he will share with us the largest MiSight practice in the country.

In this episode

  • How he revamped his practice.
  • How  he Created a new payment system
  • How he modified his patient informed consent. 
  • What marketing strategies he implemented that catapulted his practice to where it is now. 

Be sure to listen to this episode, share it to your colleagues and feel free to let us know which Myopia related topics you want us to talk about next.

About Dr. Andrew Neukirch:

Dr. Neukirch received his Doctorate of Optometry from Indiana University in 2008. In 2014, he was a recipient of the Vision Monday Optometric Business Innovator Award and was the recipient of the 2017 Illinois Optometric Association Young Optometrist of the Year award. He frequently lectures on the topics of contact lenses and myopia management, has been published in a number of optometric journals, and serves on the Professional Affairs Myopia Management Committee for CooperVision. He is the leading prescriber of MiSight 1 Day Contact lenses for Myopia Management in the country, and the leading provider for Myopia Management in the North Shore of Chicago.

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