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#64 The Myopia Podcast: Dr. Bruce Koffler: The Ophthalmologist’s Perspective on Myopia Management

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Welcome to the Myopia Podcast, where we bring you fascinating conversations on all things related to myopia and eye health. In this episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Bruce Koffler, a renowned ophthalmologist with extensive experience in contact lenses, Orthokeratology, and myopia management.

🏥 How did Dr. Koffler get started in private practice?

🔬 Learn about the creation of the groundbreaking Quintus Spherical Lens and its impact on vision correction.

🌟 Explore the perspectives of ophthalmologists on myopia management and orthokeratology.

💡 Discover the challenges faced in dispelling negative preconceptions and the conservative nature of the field.

🎯 Find out how ophthalmology has started to listen and embrace myopia management, evidenced by dedicated symposia.

🔮 Gain insights into the exciting changes awaiting the world of ophthalmology in the next five years.

🌍 Explore Dr. Koffler's vision for the future of myopia and its alignment with the evolving landscape of eye health.

🇧🇷 Learn about the resurgence of orthokeratology in Brazil and its impact on the field.

Join us for this thought-provoking episode as we gain a unique perspective from Dr. Koffler, an ophthalmologist driving positive change within the field. Don't miss out on valuable insights that will deepen your understanding of myopia management and its significance for preserving children's vision.

About Dr. Bruce Koffler:

An expert in Ophthalmology with over 40 years of industry experience solving complex vision challenges utilizing surgical and non-surgical applications. Award recognized as a global leader in the treatment of Corneal Defects, Myopia Control, and advanced Contact Lens development, include being the first non-European to receive the European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmology award, among others. 

Success in advancing institutional Ophthalmology departments as well as building private practice utilizing and developing state-of-the-art treatments and leading best practice consultation with industry peers around the globe.

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