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#78 The Myopia Podcast: Myopia Research on With Dr. Shane Kannarr

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About Dr. Shane Kannarr, OD

Shane R. Kannarr, OD, practices in Pittsburg, Kansas. He opened Kannarr Eye Care in
2009. The practice has grown into a busy three doctor-three location practice.
Much of this growth can be attributed to embracing patient needs first and foremost
and utilizing technology to differentiate the practice.
Dr. Kannarr has lectured regionally and nationally to both staff and colleagues on a
variety of optometric topics including: contact lenses, disease, and practice
management. He is on the medical staff at two local hospitals. During this time, Dr.
Kannarr has also been the principal investigator over 150 studies for contact lenses,
solutions, pharma, and devices. He has authored and co authored multiple articles
and posters. He also is involved with industry as well as multiple advisory boards
and speaker panels. Dr. Kannarr is also a Vision Source Administrator.


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